Monday, October 29, 2007

Magnum Junior Girls

Hey guys, sorry for the long wait (have been really busy!) but now, it's time for you guys to take a GOOD LOOK at our junior girls who have been through the past 6 months ++ of trainings and whatsnot!

It's not an easy feat to place such heavy committment to Magnum but they have proved it all wrong! (:

Take a look at how well they look man! :D

(From left to right: Dong Mei, Denise, Peline, Esther, Suzanna, Alice, Jane.)
Thats our '07 batch of junior girls! :D

These girls held our trophies won by our past seniors with pride and uh, JOY! (:

Unity is the keyyyyy to achieving TEAMWORK :D

So now, you must be wondering who are these bubbly girls! I shall let the following profile do the introduction job! (they look fabulous in those photos, I swearr..)


Lets do it in alphabetical order! :D

We know these girls are fresh and new but they sure have made many milestones for the past 6 months - from having zilch knowledge about cheerleading till now, able to possess good techniques during stunting and positive attitude!

Junior girls, you're just one semester away to be seniors! There are many more milestones for you girls to create and complete! Take a step at a time and you would realise that you're progressing steadily and efficiently! :D

May every tomorrow be filled with smiles for you girls and all the best for the next 2 years in Magnum! We (THE BIG MAGNUM FAMILY) will definitely walk you guys through this our journey! :D

Maintain all these wide SMILES of you girls'!

CHEERS!!!!! (:

P/S: Junior Guys' Profile is coming on your wayyyy... :D