Friday, October 26, 2007

WWE Remixed

ooohh...looks like zipped front hoodies are leading the way, a check on the poll list shows a whooping 98 votes, keep fighting people, thats the spirit! You won't be getting another customised jacket for who knows how long. Getting them made ain't an easy job, so don't stop voting, you've got till 31st.

Schools started, training as usual, been training hard to make improvements and learning new stunts, and yeah ! two performances coming up. Its been a while since we last did an external performance, this time lenny's got a couple of call for performances this week.

We've been invited to perform for the Gala Premier of "The Game Plan" and guess whos starring in it?

*doom..doom..doom* (music plays in the background)
Ladies and Gentlemen, about to enter the arena, we have......

WWE - Magnum Version
Uploaded by contraholic the part where he suddenly decides to help his opponent up, what an act of kindness...and then for a moment they looked like they were gonna make out...then SLAM !!!!!

If you haven't guess, yeah..its..THE ROCK !!! in our was THE PEBBLE. GO KL! You're the cutest pebble ever. Well, not only is The Rock starring in this movie, if you haven't heard from the radios, hes actually making an appearance later on at Vivo City to grace, i mean wrestle the premiere of his latest comedy flick, "The Game Plan".

If you've got nothing better to do, be there or be square. Its a great chance to catch a hollywood star here in Singapore. I wonder why he decided to come ? Maybe he heard of Xiao Guilin, and the beautiful rocks that beautify the place. Tsk..tsk... Well rock or no rock, its gonna be an experience welcoming an international star like Dwayne Jonson (did i get his name right?), someone please shout,CHAR KWAY TEO ! if he ever asks us to guess what hes cooking again. Don't know what i'm talking about ? Go ask andra.

For this Gala, the event company request two performances, our usual remixed 2007 national routine and another height and stage restricted routine to welcome THE ROCK. We've been working on it for the past 2 days, trying to get everything right. Heres our very own sneak preview of the new mini routine. If you wonder whats with the cheer, we're cheering for BOSTON, REBELS. The NFL football team, THE ROCK is playing for in the movie.

Training for mini routine.
Uploaded by contraholic

Mini Routine with Serena, Jen, Zhiliang, Andra & Shaun

the bow & arrow came out a little short in the end, everyone was pretty shag. Oh Wellss..please come come, support us at the event later at 6.15, Vivo City level 1, the area near Golden Village. Can't wait to put on a good show. Hey Magnum ! ROCK ON YEAH (pun intended) !!!

Seeya later Mr Rock !

Credits for WWE (Magnum's Remix)
The Rock - KL (The Pebble)
Stone Cold Steve Austin - Jen
Ring Refree - Andra
Ring Chick - Amy
Host for the Night - Lenny
The Ring and Safety Barriers - Emily, Eeling, Citra, Serena, Shaun
Camera Woman - Zhijun
Audience - Zhiliang


Catch The Game Plan right now ! Sneak previews showin already.