Thursday, January 3, 2008

AGM 2007

Alright dear faithful readers of the magnum blog and Magnies! We are once again going to update this lovely connection between us and you! What's been happening to us? Well, first up, there was AGM!

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM for short) was held on the 22nd of December. During AGM, the old committee steps down .. meaning a new committee! That's right folks, a new committee is helping make Magnum Force Cheerleading Squad and the rest of cheerleading a better place to stunt in! Before we introduce the new committee, I believe a standing ovation is in order for the previous committee because they have done a FANTASIC job for 2006/07!

from left, we have Emily Chua, our Captain; Jannies, our President; Andra, our Welfare; Karen Neo, our Secretary; Yu Jing, our Treasurer.

Each and everyone of them have put in their heart and soul into the committee to help Magnum, and we're not exaggerating. Through good times and bad, they have been here for Magnum. Without them, we would not have made it through the year this smoothly. Therefore, thank you so much committee of 2006/07!

Now moving on to the new committee!
Alright just a little background information, the potential committee members went through an interview before the new committee members were decided. And so the results ...

From left to right, Serena, our President; Wilbert, our Welfare; Amy, our Secretary; Miss Khaira, our Advisor; Esther, our Treasurer; Jen, our Captain; and last but not least, Denise, our Publicist.

That's right! As of now, Magnum Force is under new management. Wishing the new committee all the best and that the whole of Magnum is behind supporting them! And so ... AGM ended there. Alright then, wait on for the next entry coming up soon!

With smiles and laughter,