Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fuglitures!!! yyyeeewww....

Fugly ; short for fucking ugly, used in terms like...that bitch is fucking ugly. Excuse my language, pardon me, this is Singapore. Niwaez, no offence, its all in the name of fun. I'm starting a new post, a post that will be uphold into a tradition. As cheerleadering aka performing sport, requires us to lead a crowd of thousands and to show our stuff in front of lowly spirited and least likely to be openly enthusiastic Singaporeans. AHEM... We need to dare to be different, step up with confidence and show them our pride. Lenny always says, a true performer is one who is not afraid to show his/her bad side..aka BUI PAI SEH ! skin must be smooth but as thick as PATRICIA MOK. Theres no better way to do that then to make a difference by stepping out of your comfort zone...LET IT ALL GO. This post can and will only showcase fugly pictures. Magnees if you've got em fugly pictures, please mail them to, with a caption that you find most suitable to match your fugliture(fugly pictures) with. Cheerleading is not all about beauty and pride people. We'll start with the most positive example.....right below


Tiger Beer Auntie, lost her way.

Lenny tried to chase smart-ass auntie away, didn't work. shes good.


hrrrmm...what you thinking of man ? guess which pic this face came from.

FUGLITURE 3You go girls !