Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Seacon Square National Cheerleading 2007

Seacon Square National Cheerleading Competition is back!

Seriously, who knew thailand would produce such magnificiantly inclined cheerleaders. To us their definitely one of the worlds best, with impressive techniques, great agility and flexiblity, heart-thumping dance moves and cute thai-cultured cheers, these cheerleaders makes us all look bad. It is such great inspiration alone to just be there and watch this once in a year competition. If you have no idea what we're talking about, please buy your air tickets now and fly your spirited butt to Bangkok for the FINALs on 16th November 2007. Some of us will be there, i think, for now to support Bangkok U.

Yesh, and did we mention how much we miss you guys ?! Toey if ya reading this, Magnum miss BU mak mak, rutnapchupchup, BU will be champions again this year, we love you nah and give you POWER ! SA PI LI ! SAY HEY ! HEY HEY !

Oh, and did i mention how much we miss the food too, arrrrr...boat noodle, cha yan, road side snacks, yam pa bum krong (i think thats how its spelt)....why do the thai's put us to such agony! and NAH SAO our horribly cute tailor cum second mum, we miss ya too, horribly ! Really can't wait to see you again, sitting in our little ikea chair, with your ever so supportive "MAGNAM...SU SU !" Please don't kill us when you see the uniform design this year....ok...i shan't plead no more, cause i can already imagine the look on your face. God we f*&*ing miss you.

How can one not be impress by the standard thailand cheerleading has set for us, don't we all have our own thailand cheerleader we look up to. Don't miss out ! TCA sent us some pics taken during the previews of the competition, way to go BU !

WOLVES - 2006 High School Champs

Dances with the wolves

Partner Stunt - Cupie

Finale Pyramid

BANGOK UNIVERSITY - 2006 College Champs

Opening Pyramid

1-1-1 s

BU Lancing Lancing

Windmill front Splits

Swedish Falls


Finale - #1 Champs