Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Customised Magnum Jackets 2008

Due to a high demand of a customised magnum jacket for 2008, i have decided to meet that demand. I'll be designing a jacket to the theme of our 2008 nationals routine, which i will not be revealing at all. Please make an effort to place your votes on the style of jacket you prefer before 31st October this year. If you really prefer that style and hope the design will be base on that style, you are allowed to obssesively place votes (unfortunately, if i'm not wrong, you're only allowed one vote per computer). Don't worry, your name will not appear at all, therefore your identity will be kept secret. The pictures allocated on the poll, are designated for a male body, but please be sensable enough to know that styles are unisex. If you still do not understand the styles, please go and step or bang your head on the door. You can ask XY, cynthia or Peishi for tips on how to do that.
Graduated seniors can place your orders as soon as the polls are closed. You can refer to the sizes of the 2005 Jackets for your next order. The more orders the cheaper the jacket. So you can order one for everyday of your life i also don't mind.


This Poll will close on 31st October 2007 at 11:59pm.