Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strength VS Size?

Hello magnum! Your very very first blogpost (literally!) from your dear captain! :D After so much hardwork for the past year, when everyone started from nothing to be so much now. Finally the nationals is over, and everything seems to be back to where we started off from once again. To the year1s going to yr2s, time to work extra freaking hard to welcome the coming freshies. You definitely will want to impress the freshies and even outsiders what you had got in you. To the yr2s going yr3s, last yr you gonna be in magnum. Time to be great seniors, and show the world what you had learnt in magnum during the 2 yrs spent. Regardless of technique-wise abilities, or strength-wise, or even your body shape, all these aspects will be the factors for the rise or fall of magnum.

Why do i say so? Your technique determines the level of difficulty your routine, which comes hand in hand with your strength level. For now you should know that EVERYONE in the freaking team is so important. For a routine to be perfect, once a person among the 16men never put in 100% for the 2.30min, everything will goes wrong and definitely the routine will NEVER be perfect. Thus, EVERYONE MUST START WORKING HARD FROM NOW IF YOU WANT TO GET BACK THE LOST TITLE. I cant do this alone, Magnum force must do this together.
Well back to topic, imagine by the time the freshies come in, all our body is so freaking nice, all with 6 pacs and well define triceps and sexy legs, what will they think of magnum?

Anyway in case you didnt know, looking at japan. Why do the seniors get so much respect from the juniors? Well i wont deny its part of their culture. But what I am trying to imply, you should know by now. Skill level. Imagine, will you respect a person who is so much better than you? Nono I should put it this way. Will you respect someone whose skill level so closed to yours even though that person had trained 1 yr more than you? For the sake of the person being your senior, maybe, but definitely nothing more than that. I mean its really very sad for a junior to overtake you, if they really did, 2 things had happened. They worked very hard, and you slacked very hard too.

Well enough of all these naggy things, time to get straight to the point. Things I had noticed or heard during the 2 yrs in magnum. 'Don wanna gym la, later the arms grow big so ugly!' or 'I gym for wad, technique is more than enough' or even 'I don wan use gu lat (cow strength) to do stunts' Misconceptions! In the first place, especially for girls, GYMMING WONT MAKE YOUR ARMS BIG! go read this article:

To summarize it, basically it is trying to say that having the strength doesn't mean you must be big, and being big doesn't mean you will have the strength. Try reading the article last paragraph ' Size vs Strength' Comparing bodybuilders and powerlifters, bodybuilders might be very big and having pretty bodies, they might not be as strong as powerlifters whose body might not be as nice and big. However, there are powerlifters that possess muscularity comparable to bodybuilders. There are also bodybuilders who have equal or greater strength than powerlifters. Do not misinterpret this article to mean there is no relationship between strength and size.

Ultimately there are 2 different kinds of gyming, gym for size or gym for strength. For example the RSU cheerleaders, they don't look big but they have godlike strength. Now looking at the Braves cheerleaders, do they look very very big to you? But how can the girls get to do the same things guys in spore might not even are capable of doing? They have the strength, they got the shape, but they don have the size. If you still think that you don wanna compare with other country people, look at me. I would dare to say with my small sized body compared to other big sized guy in the gym, my strength is definitely almost on par with them. Like I said, I gym for the strength, not for the size. You can do the same thing too. Like I usually tell girls, 'even if you want to be big also cannot be big one' So please please don't give the reason of becoming big as a reason not to gym anymore! I mean I rather you say you are lazy to gym, at least that reason is still valid.

Here are The Top Ten Mistakes Women Make In The Gym which I think is quite true:
Lastly to everybody, I would say if you can handle your own body weight, you are already on the right track. Things you can do:
If you have the intention to improve, do read up on these things, or at least ask me on how to gym and such. Don't live in your own world anymore. Facts is still facts, no matter how much you don't want it to be.

Other than gyming, another aspect of cheerleading other than strength is flexibility. I used to think that flexibility is so useless since I won't even be on stunts doing all the elements. But many might have forgotten about jumps and gymnastics. How is it possible for the thai cheerleaders to all have 270 toetouch? All of them can do splits. Thats the reason why. For girls, why so many of you can do splits, but the toetouch still like kns? Your thighs have no strength to lift your whole legs up. Strength, thats the reason why. For gymnas, why so many still cant get the roundoff after one whole yr of training? Body awareness, thats the reason why.

All these things don come free, you have to work hard for it. And working hard doesnt mean for the last 2 weeks before SNCC 2012, it means now until 2 weeks before SNCC. Its not like lottery, you wont become rich of skills and techniques overnight. Its like farming, it takes so much effort just for that grain of rice. However though it's gonna be very very harsh, you know you wont be going through it alone. You always have Magnum Force walking this road with you, and with this distance with magnies, you know that it will be a tough yet fulfilling journey.

Okay I think I wrote enough for today. Gonna end the post with Cupies with my senior Eugene with mel, my junior Ben with cynthia, and my flyer, Siwei <3

Captain 2011