Sunday, March 27, 2011

And it's your captain here again! blogging how fun! LOL. Anyway serious stuff, training resumes this coming wed, 30/3/11. Time to get back to basics, since basics is the root of all stunts. I am sure after the hardcore 2 weeks training, the improvement might not be obvious. Thats because that time your body aint recovered from all the aches and injuries. After one whole week of rest, you will be surprised how much you had improved.

But don't say I never warn you all. Since we had set our goals, we need to work hard on it. If you have the correct mentality for training, you will survive through and be super duper zai. However if your training attitude is wrong in the first place, don't blame others for yourself being punished. And soon, all the weak-minded people will leave, left with the strong (in terms of body and mind) people defending the title. The reality is harsh, it's the survival of the fittest, but fear not. Like i said before, you wont be going through this alone.

Let the smiles and cheer face guide us through this journey.
Magnum Force FTW.
Captain 2011