Saturday, June 12, 2010

HEY GUYS. Many things to update!!!!

First up, GOOD JOB FOR TRAINING TODAY! :D As what Neville had said, trainings will just get tougher and tougher, and i know just now you guys alrd had a taste of that right?! Remember, it's all about the endurance, it's all in the mind. MIND OVER BODY. But still, both bases and flyers must GYM WELL and be strong!! ^^

Next up, plz note that training for both juniors and seniors as of now will be on every mon, wed and fri. Reason being it's the holidays and that's when we must pump it and keep pushing harder!!! Training will be as usual this coming monday, 14th June. ALWAYS BE ON FORM.

On a lighter note, YAY! We'll have our very first Magnum outing with our juniors this coming saturday, 19th June!!!! EXCITED NOT?! Though it's just a bbq, we'll make it very fun alright! Plz bring 10$ to pay for the food though, HAHA! There will be enough for everyone don't worry! :) The theme for the bbq will be announced on monday training.

On an even lighter note, DOUBLE YAY! Our Magnum Annual Bonding Camp is approaching, and the dates are shifted a day forward to thursday till saturday, 24th till 26th June. Plz confirm attendence (with Matthias), make payment of 15$ and give your teeshirt sizes (to Yvonne) by wednesday, 16th June.

This post is wordy but important. MAKE SURE YOU READ IT!
See everyone on monday then!!! :D

P.S: Magnum Force is on the May-July issue of NPTribune, do get a copy if you have the chance! We're on the second last page bottom! :)