Thursday, June 17, 2010

HELLO GUYSSSS. This gonna be the MOST impt update for this week, HAHA!

Spells enough excitement???? HEHE. Details are as follows:

Date: June 19, Saturday
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Kismis BBQ Pits
Theme: Hawaii

Note 1: You guys can bring whatever you want, be it snacks or drinks OR ALCOHOL! ;)
Note 2: Those who want to attend but haven't paid the money yet, plz text Yvonne @ 82824597 so that she can order your share of the food too. The food is all halal! :)

Remember that there IS a competition okay, those who don't dress according to the theme will have to do forfeits and those who do will fight for the BEST DRESSED! :D So see your there in your awesome outfit!!!!!!!!!!!! Some inspiration for you guys!!!! Mix and match: Maxi dresses/skirts, garland flower, flower hair clips, straw hats, flower shades, printed hawaiian tee, matching printed hawaiian pants............ DO IT YOUR WAY! ;)