Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hey all who are attending CAMP MARVELS!
here's the packing list, for those who doesnt have.
1. t-shirts (bout 4.bring 1set of dark coloured clothing for water activities)
2. shorts (bout 4 too)
3. undergarments (you jaga)
4. bikini/swimming trunks/board shorts
5. tiletries
6. slippers
7. personal medication
8. water bottle
9. plastic/metal mug
10. sleeping bag! (sleeping mats will not be provided)
11. EZ link card with cash preferably
12. sentosa islander card (if you have)
13. sufficient cash
14. sun-tanning oil/sun block (strongly encouraged)
15. sun-glasses
16. beach mats
17. beach volleyball/frisbee

please note that you should not bring too much cash with you for the camp. if there's a need, please hand over your valuables for safe keeping. in case of any thefts or losses, the school will not be accountable for it. thanks.

see you all on friday!! :D