Wednesday, April 22, 2009

greatest apologies to my dearest magnies, the tagboard is under construction.
therefore, it will be temporariy unavailable.

anyway, i really hope that you guys enjoyed camp marvels 2009!all thanks to the committee who have spent a lot (and i really mean a lot!you guys should know) planning it, making sure that everything goes well!and also thanks to the seniors who made it down even though it was an hour or two.and definately to you, magnies, the camp wouldnt have been successful without your presence.i hope you all have recovered from the fullness and junk from food was really a fun game.and of course not forgetting the blow wind blow dog and bone.we sure did have a good time rolling on the floor laughing!and oh!the showdown.was definately hilarious :D i just wanna say, great job guys! you all did well as participants, being so enthu and all. im really proud of yall!

see you all at training on friday!545!dont be late (: