Monday, March 17, 2008

Post Cheerobics

Cheerobics 2008 is over and it was a blast!

First off, the magnum routine would be up in a while's time for everyone to take a look at what they have done. The same goes for our all girls group routine.

Magnies on that day all looked so pretty with their make-up, smart uniform with a 'Marching Band' theme. A lot of Magnies like Cynthia, Alice, Jane, Sue and Suzanna have really helped a lot in the preparation for the competition. Thanks to the seniors who came down to help too! :D

The cheerobics, a competition where all the different cheerleading groups come together to compete for the championship, was held at Kallang stadium and everyone was treated to lovely high flying gravity defying daredevil stunts!

Magnum Force was the first to go for the Open team category and I must say they have done a fantastic job at it! They really went all the way with their cheer, dance and stunts. However, NTU Aces was the team who scored the cup with their routine. Magnum would like to congratulate them. :D Magnum did win the best cheer award for their M-A-G-N-U-M cheer. The team category had put in much sweat, tears, and determination to get where they were on the mats at Kallang. Winning may have been optional, but doing their best and giving the crowd their best smile was not.

And for our All-Girls group, they have managed to awe the crowd with their beautiful smiles and stunts. No doubt about it, these girls have put in alot in this routine and let me tell you it paid off. Leaving the competition as Champions, they have really done Magnum proud. The pioneers of the girls group in Magnum Force they have done well.

No matter what happens, no matter what position the groups got in cheerobics, they are champions in theirs and our hearts. A champion may not have to come with a shiny trophy but with the satisfaction of knowing that they really did their best. They did their best, and gave it all they got. That, I believe, is what makes a true champion.

"We'll be back next year." Amy
(Unfinished Journey)

Good Job guys!