Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dear Magnum

Its been a while since i had a heart to heart talk to everyone. As your coach, i just felt that i should truly converse my feelings to the team, in the presence of our viewers. At this point of time, i admit that some may doubt what i say, but as we leave this competition behind and walk towards the new year of magnum, it is important to make positive decisions together and walk foward..not backwards.

Like many other athletic teams, we've gone thru hell and back. We've make sacrifices and often questioning its worth. Every nationals that we put up our best for, demands a certain degree of energy and power from all of us. Through this process, we've discovered so much about one another, most importantly learning how to adapt to one another in a give and take situation. Many may not know, but magnum went through alot to fight for this nationals, alot of us were put into doubtful situations and had times where we had to questions our trust for one another. This is a process that will continue as we grow, it will change our lives and teach us more as we all grow up to be adults. Most importantly is how we learn how to digest negativity and deliver postive life to everyone around us. Not only our team mates, but to our families and friends, and all who have supported us through this process.

Yesterday, Mum saw me for the first time since i've moved out of home to in-house training. She urged me to encourage the team to face failure in the face and to learn from our mistakes and grow from difficult teachings. I thought deeply about what she said, and flashed through all the - "we should've done this", "we should've have done this" in my mind. It struck me that there are alot of things we could have done as an individual to probably change god's decision for magnum. But what struck me most was, how much i felt that we weren't failures as a team. And that despite so much that we've been through we've put in our more than 100% to cheer our hearts out and not be afraid to be judged. We've not only learn how to put our fears for whatever we have aside, but we've also learnt and grew from it.

Upon result, despite being penalise for infractions, Magnum did not falter but took what was given to us with pride. We congratulate our so called "rival team" for taking home the Champion, you guys deserved it and as cheerleaders of the society we are happy for your hardwork and efforts being paid off. Sorry we had to rush off and not stay for some photo-takings as the bus was urging us on our punctuality.

Despite everything, Magnum did achieved our goal this year. In fact, it was one of the most important goals that we had for one another. That was to grow stronger mentally as both individuals and as a team. We may not have gotten any title this year, but feeling like we've done our very best and hugging and thanking one another in excitement after that performance, made me realise how much you guys appreciated one another deep down inside.

I urge you guys to pass down what you've experience by relating it postively to your juniors and other cheerleading enthusiasts as well. Despite a judgement we did not expect from the competition, many look up to you as role models and will continue to do so by continuous inspiration on your sacrifices and tremendous improvement as Magnum Force Cheerleaders. Be a role model to them, what you guys have achieved makes my jaw drops. Many may not know, but our natioanl teams are made up mainly of cheerleaders who only have 2 years of experience who carry the weight of being 5 time national champions and an expectation of setting certain standards. With this, they did not for one minute, hesitated....but continue to hold their known responsibility highly and worked hard to achieved what they are now so skillfully inclined with. Their talent was merely an advantage, their hard work was their success.

With these your seniors and both coaches truly give you our respects. We continue to give you our continous and undying support and we urge you to do the same towards your juniors. The next generation of magnum will be stronger, more powerful, more determine and highly spirited with the right influence and teachings. Let bygones be bygones, as we start positively with our new magnanimous aims for the team. As we face new obstacles and cope with them stronger and better than before

We are all truly proud of you guys. Everyone in the team, not only those who went for competition.

"Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will."

Always your Coach and friend.
With many huggs and kisses,