Friday, February 1, 2008

Open House 2008

Magnum had our 2008 Open House!

From the 17th - 19th of January, Magnum had the privilege of performing. And this time, it was the juniors who perform! It was truly an experience for the juniors for it was the time they performed all together!

Go check them out! (this was their rehearsal during the first day)

They all practiced really hard before the performance, so bravo for them!
Behind the scenes though, the seniors too came down and helped the juniors out. Ee Ling, Emily Chua, Xiang Ying etc. were some of the few seniors that came down to help the juniors to tie up their hair and to do the make up. They were really awesome! For that, the juniors (especially the girls) thank them! The other seniors came down to support their juniors and to check out their very first performance! The juniors really thank the seniors so much for loving us and coming down just to support us and watch us FLY.

Overall, the three days have really been truly spectacular for the juniors.
Hearing the crowds cheer for them, performing as a team together, and getting to do something proud for magnum ... It was amazing! And I can say that, cause I am a junior myself! =)

Well done Juniors, we all did it. With the magnum family behind us, the 11 of us pulled it the best we could, and we rocked at it!

Denise =)