Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Magnum Force Jacket 2008

Yesh ! We'll be doing a Team Jacket this year again, this time in a different design incorporating 2008's theme. The Jacket will be tailor-made with thick polyster cotton (to keep you warm with especially @ lectures and cold workplaces) and an inside satin lining for comfort. oh yeah ! pockets at the sides to store your barang barangs. Also an embroided word cheer in front and a newly designed MAGNUM LOGO illuminating the back. Unfortunately, we can't show it online yet, the logo will also be used for 2008's uniform.

Seniors, please contact Lenny if you'll like to get hold of this year's jacket, the price ranges from $40 - $60 bucks ! The more buyers the cheaper it gets. So please pass the message to as many graduated seniors as possible. Thanks !

Buy it if you like it ! LOVES !