Sunday, February 24, 2008


Just so as to clear doubts regarding any uncertainty.

Though it may seem that there are people who have presumed that there is a 'copying' issue going on, we are here to declare otherwise. Magnum Force and Bangkok University (BU) have been, and are very good friends with one another.

Yes we won't deny it, the routine in the Thai Movie (done by BU) in 2003 and Magnum's routine in 2005 are more or less the same. This routine was taught to Magnum by the BU's coach, Toey, for our performances. The seniors of Magnum Force, after learning the routine, wanted to spread cheerleading and therefore passed on the routine to the next generation of cheerleaders. Toey is also fine with his routine being passed down. Toey would be coming down to Singapore in March therefore anyone who wishes to clarify anything with him may contact our coach, Lenny.

Magnum Force understands that copyright gives the owner of the 'creation' exclusive rights. However, copyright infringement happens only if someone else were to assume these rights without permission. In this case, Magnum Force has obtained the permission from the owner, which is Toey. Therefore, we believe there isn't a problem concerning copyright.

Magnum Force is a cheerleading group that learns from other cheer squad teams and we improve from there. Learning doesn't stop just because we were once 5 times champions. And Magnum definitely does not just lean on its past successes. We want to achieve more, and to learn more from others who have achieved greater.

Inspiration comes from inspired thoughts of the greatness that others have achieved.

Cheers with hope that it clears the air,