Wednesday, January 23, 2008

National Champs there can be only 1. T.O.P G.U.N TOP GUN !!! Once again....

Tsk Tsk. Just 4 days ago, got a call from Toey (Bangkok University's Coach) expressing his joy in defending BU's title, through so much hardwork and a big delay, they still manage to acheive what they went there to do. Stunts were superbly amazing, choreography was jaw-dropping (as usual), basically i call them remote-controlled cheerleaders. BU = Brilliantly Undefeatable!

Just when i decided to distract myself from the repeated addiction of their routine, super nice Victor (Top Gun's Coach)...oH well, it wasn't much of an unexpected surprise anyway...brought good news of TOP GUN's glory. Yesh ! Number 1 again, defending their title at WCA Worlds, gee...for a second thought i missed their competition live ! Check out their 2008 routine under the BIG TOP! Har Har, yeah man, the other teams were sure under their feet. I thought 2007 routine was the best routine ever, think again...this is a million times better. I'm talking, 8 men intersecting front tucks, amazing thumbling passes, mad transisitions, out of this world choreography ! God, i gotta live till next year to check out 2009 routine, oh wait, before that...NCA Worlds ! Must Watch !

Man, now i'm gonna get addicted watching both routines. Awesome !!!

Hey Bettis, Carlos & Triana, we're really missing you guys and we can't wait to see you guys again, looks like its our turn next. For all that you've given us. We'll do our best !!! *wink*

Coach Len