Monday, October 8, 2007

Shaun Invites You to........

My my, If it ain't our very own Shaun Leong's "BIG 21" . Girls ( & guys), you can catch your breath right now, cause NOPE ! , 21 is definitely not the size of his DING DONG. He will probably shoot 21 excuses to say it is, but bite-size...nah...nibble-size, is the most you're gonna get. This is an invitation to a MASS........gathering, to celebrate SHAWOON's manhood...i mean adulthood. If turning 21, is not an excuse to party, i don't know what is.

2 + 1 = 3 excuses why you can't miss this party.

1) Its a 12pm pot luck picnic cum bbq (don't ask me why, but its his idea, the birthday boy gets what he wants...)...see, when one peng finish chicken wing, one can mince it all up and make mayo sandwich, then go cross legs on the grass happily every after. Remember, its pot luck too, want to eat what, you bring what.

2) Its a Bring-your-doggie out party too ; its just an excuse for shaun's Rufus to bang some hot poodle. from the looks of his owner, i bet Rufus ain't gettin' nothin'....hrrmm...then again....does denise have a dog?

3) "We can't wait to show our love for him" - wwweeedddgggiieeee !!!!!!!!

So you're all invited to his 21st BIRTHDAY picnic cum bbq cum dog-outing party - which explains the poster.
This 14th October, 12pm, message 1800-shaunleongturns21 for the address.


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