Friday, October 5, 2007 is, just the beginning.

yesh yesh ! we've manage to squeeze some time out of our busy schedule to keep our online cheerleading life in existence.

karen (current team secretary) oh-so talented and creative good in everything neo, designed the blog. Its gonna take some time to build up, so lets hope we're crazy enough to come up with crazy posts.

This is mainly an initiative to keep our many generations closely updated about upcomings and whats happening and also an informative site to all who wants to be crazy cheerleaders like us.

was seating down and thinking real hard on what should be our first entry. what we really wanna do is to introduce magnum through one entry and really, the only way is through this. it was shown at the recent EGM(emergency general meeting) and buckets of tears resurfaced. even had a song composed for the event..."Our Song", search it out on youtube or fellow magnees blogs, it has been uploaded.

"An unfinished journey"

Uploaded by contraholic

Singwei from NP mass comm created this video, initially as his project for SPH. His idea was to portray the journey of magnum towards competition, our goals, visions, the way we trained for competition and how we truly felt. he really did an amazing job with all that footage. The video really brought us back and was a great motivation for all of us. we prefer to call it an unfinished journey, a route we'll continue to take as long as our magnum life permits. Not gonna start talking about the past, cause we've definitely moved on and this family is stronger than before. Quote, "This is not the end, it is just the beginning." - Miss Leong Cheng Yee (ex-beloved team advisor).

but really, this video is really what magnum's all about, training hard to meet goals, going through difficulties together and staying positive for one another.

looking forward to share more on our next post.

cause harhar, photoshoot this saturday, a good reason to cam-whore. like our team's profile for 2006/07 ?? wait till you see the next one comin up. Karen good-in-everything neo is camming all the whores.

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