Saturday, August 3, 2013

Late Post: ABC Day 2&3

After spending a late night watching horror movie, i've bet some of the juniors got pretty spooked out by it during the middle of the night ;)

We started the day with some light routine training for the various teams before heading off for our favorite location: Sentosa!
Various groups heading to sentosa

Some even walked there!

 We started off with some games of H2O, look at leroy running away from the chaser~

Moving on, we played Dog & Bones cheerleader style, people had to tumble, heelstretch and lib all the way to the bone!

After that we had the telephone game to guess song titles! 
Wayne's love for Jeelian~

Darren kneeling down.
 After that,we had free time! And what does that mean? Stunting.. woohoo!

Posing for the camera!

All the shoulder stands~

Senior Girls & Coach Yvonne

Juniors taking multiple shoulder stands~

BA students~
Nice mass shouldersits~
 After a long day of fun and games, it was time to head back to school :(

Hehe,before the start of our final game of the night
 Unfortunately, our photographers usually leave before the night,so there wasn't much photos of the games :( And without lights out for that day,we spend our time talking and bonding with one another at night.

And finally,the next day, presentation of Junior Routine

Last Rara before the routine
Are you prepared?
 Junior routine video will be uploaded soon. Its a super big file that keeps giving me errors ><"

We ended the day with bring out the mats to get some sun outside, while we played some games and presented the prizes to our Juniors.



Waiting for forfeit
 And some photos before we proceed on to final event of the day.

Year 1s

Year 2s

Year 3s

Everyone =D
 Its a magnum tradition to end off with everyone writing special notes for one another.
And thus we started scribbling and writing for one another~

 After it all ended, we took the mats back in and ended the day :)

 First of all, the committee would like to thank everyone that made the camp possible, the adviser, the juniors, the seniors especially the alumnis for coming down to help out and oversee the camp.

Secondly i would like to apologize for the delay in posting. It was busy and things only settled down recently.

Thirdly, we would like to thank Ngee Ann Photography Club for coming down to help us take all this magnificient & beautiful photos!

And lastly,all our photos are located at our Magnum force page. So if you want to see more photos, look there!