Sunday, May 5, 2013

Updates Updates

Hi all,
Are you guys enjoying being in Ngee Ann Polytechnic so far?
To those who have signed up under us and have not attended any of our trainings yet, please join us and don’t feel shy! We are still recruiting! J Guys, especially, do drag your guy friends along if you want to try something new!

Also, do note that our bonding camp falls on the first week of our term break, from the 12-14th of June.  AREN’T YOU EXCITED?! More information will be given out as the date draws nearer!
With that being said, here is a summary of important points that you guys need to remember!

Junior Trainings
Every Monday & Friday
At the Sportsdeck

Girls: Cotton t-shirt, Shorts, tights, shoes with shoelaces and flat, firm soles. (no toms, no flats)
Guys: Cotton t-shirt, Shorts & Sports shoes.
VERY IMPORTANTLY, please remember to take off ALL  your accessories and make sure your fingernails are short before you all train to prevent injuries  (spot checks may be done randomly (; )
Looking forward to seeing all of you soon! 

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