Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Annual General Meeting 2012

Hello guys,this is your new Publicist of AY2012/13 Zack & Sharlene over here.
It seems like just yesterday that we all just entered Magnum as a freshie, learning how to do thigh stands & Shoulder stand.

We have been through lots of up and down this year,but I believe that we would come out stronger than ever before. After all, Harder, Faster, Stronger eh :)

First of all,allow me to introduce everyone the exco team for AY2012-13

President: Joy
Secretary : Jesslyne

Captain: Johnson
Vice Captain : Amirah
Treasurer: Pear
Publicists: Zack & Sharlene
Welfare: Vincent & Debra

We will have to do more to keep up with the hard work and sweat the past exco members have done for Magnum force.

Some other pictures we took with the people that stayed behind.

That's all for now, study hard for the Common test guys! we can do it!