Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hi Freshies !
Training resumes on monday 30th April.

Do remember attire rules:
  • No accessories
  • Sports clothes and proper shoes
  • All the above and
  • hair tied, fringe pinned up
  • tights under shorts (you can get them from various sports outlets)
For those with glasses, try to get contacts asap.

I hope you had fun on your first day like I did on mine (: It is really alright to make mistakes, after all cheer is probably a relatively new thing to most of you, cos I saw some of you looking really stressed and scared haha. Don't be afraid, treat it all as a learning experience. Listen to and bear in mind what the seniors and especially coaches say, its all to prevent you from injuring yourself and others. 

Basic reminders:
  1. Flyers: LOCK. This is so super important. Keep your body tight, upright and look straight.
  2. Bases: Follow the timing, stand your ground and where possible, always look at your flyer.
  3. Spotters: Keep your eyes on the flyer and have your arms ready to save a falling stunt.

Here's a video of our trainings before competition, soon you'd be able to do these stunts ! We look forward to seeing you on monday, don't hesitate to bring your friends along too !