Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hi magnies,

Ngee Ann Open House 2011 will be from 6th – 8th January 2011.

These are the timing slots of Magnum Force performance at the atrium.
6th Jan (Thursday) : 3.30 – 4.00pm
8th Jan (Saturday) :1.30 – 1.45pm

There will also be a duty roster for the booth. Please check your shift and timing!!
Don’t be late :)

Thursday, 6th Jan
Shift 1 (11am-3pm) : Matthias, Ariff,
Evan, Cynthia, Brenda, Shi Yi
Shift 2 (3pm-6pm) : Cheng Siang, Eugene, Sherilyn, Si Wei, Deborah, April

Friday, 7th Jan
Shift 1 (11am-3pm) : Gabriel, Clarinda, Jia Yi, Khaifang, Cheryl, Fakhrin
Shift 2 (3pm-6pm) : Tom, Gabriel, Benedict, Si Wei, Hwele, Melissa

Saturday, 8th Jan
Shift 1 (11am-3pm) :
Zhongjie, Hafidz, Shabeer, Angelia, Rachel, Si Wei
Shift 2 (3pm-6pm) : Fakhrin, Syafeeq, Weng Kong, Careen, Yulin, Mabel

*Do notify Si Wei if there’s any problem with the shifts.