Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ngee Ann Open House 2010 will be from tomorrow till saturday, 7 Jan to 9 Jan.

These will be the timings for performance by the seniors at the atrium.
Thursday, 7 Jan: 2.30pm
Friday, 8 Jan: 5pm
Saturday, 9 Jan: 3.30pm
This will be the duty roster for the booth. Please check your own shift day and timing!!
Thursday, 7 Jan
Shift 1, 11am - 3pm: Madeline, Jiawei, Yulin, Siwei, Zhongjie
Shift 2, 3pm - 6pm: Liying, Hwele, Denise, Andrew, Lisa, Brina
Friday, 8 Jan
Shift 1, 11am - 3pm: Matthias, Vincent, Careen, Gabriel, Mariz, Dominic
Shift 2, 3pm - 6pm: Gloria, Fiona, Rachel, Fakhrin, Belinda, Pohchin
Saturday, 9 Jan
Shift 1, 11am - 3pm: Yvonne, Jane, Eugene, Fadzli, Dongmei, Cheryl
Shift 2, 3pm - 6pm: Fadhillah, Esther, Evan, Hweepeng, Mabel, Tom

Enjoy yourselves at the Open House and remember to SELL MAGNUM! :)