Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heylo to all magnies! This is your new publicist for 09/10 committee posting on the magnum blog for the first time.
So please show your support and encouragement by leaving tags! <:

1st of October was a night to remember!
We had our Magnum Annual General Meeting 2009, where our old committee steps down for a new committee to take over.
We would like to show our appreciation to our 08/09 committee
President, Esther
Vice-President, Denise
Secretary/Treasurer, Jane
Publicist, Fiona
Welfare, Fadzli
and hope that the new 09/10 committee
President: Gloria
Captain: Madeline
Secretary: Matthias
Treasurer: Yvonne
Internal Publicist: Hwele
External Publicist: Fadillah
Welfare: Liying
will be able to bring Magnum Force to an even greater height.
So let's work hard together to cheer, dance, and fly! Yay! :D

Committee 08/09
Committee 09/10

New and old committee!New and old committee with the advisor
4th of October was a day to remember for most of the juniors as well! First performance by most of the juniors with seniors, in lieu of the World Animal Day Charity Bazaar 2009 at the zoo. Great job guys! I hope this will be an experience for most of you! ^^