Wednesday, March 27, 2013

To sum it up in a post

Hey all!
Many things have happened in the past month and this blog is to tell everyone about what was going on during this period of time.


March Babies:

Recently Federation of Cheerleading Singapore (FCS) held the Institute of Higher Learning Cheerleading Competition (IHLCC) which was hosted at GymKraft.

We manage to send in two team, one All Girls group stunt team which clinched us second place.

We sent in a Co-ed 16 man team to compete as well.
We were up against teams from RP,NYP,NUS,NTU.
Sadly, we did not achieve what we desired.

As a team this year, Magnum went through many different issues.
From change of coaches to injuries causing the last minute change of team members.

We can't blame our circumstances though.
Instead, we can only try harder next time round, and to learn from our mistake.
We can't say we weren't disappointed with the results.
But it will only strengthen us more.
To do what is right.
To train harder.

This is what we promise.
What we will achieve.

On the other hand.
We would like to thank all the supporters that went down to Gymkraft to support us.
From Past alumnis to members of WildCards, as well as our club adviser that drove us around to buy lunch for the team.

Magnum would like to thank you all for being there to support us, throughout all the trainings,coaching us patiently, and being there in the hot gymnasium just to shout "M-A-G-N-UM, Magnum! GO! FIGHT! WIN!" with the team.