Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey there Freshie ! All of us here at Magnum Force earnestly welcome you to join us for our very first training :D Please come in sports attire and shoes. Do take note that guys, wear preferably NON dri-fit shirts and girls, wear sports bra and a pair of tights under your shorts to protect your modesty while doing stunts. Also, come with your fringe pinned and your hair tied up. We look forward to seeing you !

Here's a little video of compiled advanced stunts executed by elite American cheer squads to give you an idea what cheerleading is about. Yes, its not as easy as it looks but no we do not immediately carry out such stunts, we go through many training sessions where we pick up basics, learn techniques, improve and move on from there. It may be tough, but you'd be trained to be tougher !

Do come down for our first training to experience for yourselves the amazing world of Cheerleading !