Thursday, March 29, 2012

SNCC 2012

So the one month competition camp is over. We have had many obstacles such as several changes made to Team Gold routine and very low attendance of Team Blue members, as well as accommodation and training ground inconveniences. The inevitable can't be avoided, only worked with, so good job for cooperating as a team!

Blood, sweat and tears were literally shed during this camp. I feel like from every tough experience, a good lesson can be learnt. And with each time we face our fears, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing.

Congratulations to Team Gold who did an ASU for their beautiful routine! Especially those who were quite seriously injured or had busy roles but continued to persevere despite all these issues which we all know not only drains physical but mental strength too.

A strong start

Layout Kick Double !

Swedish Falls

Cheer Face !

The moment my heart nearly stopped.

Cheer pyramids

Expression, expression.

"LET'S GO !"

Finale !

Well done Team Blue, if you gave your very best effort for your stunts ! There's still a long way to go and a lot more to improve, so 加油 !

"I'm a Cheerleader !"

Synchronized Arabians!

Toe-touch 221 

"YEAH !"

"Don't say I never Cheer Face !"

Two swedish falls by two different photographers

Moment of Silence

Team Gold Funshot (with Oat)

Team Blue Funshot (with Oat)

MAGNUM FORCE 2012 (with Oat)

Graduating seniors (You will be missed D':)

After competition stunting, 
simple stunts like Liberty,

more advanced stunts like Cupie,

and the toughest stunt of them all- Shoulder-sitting Coaches ! 

Our Top-Flys are strong enough to be Mid-tiers too !

And who knew our Coach could also double as a Flyer !

I'm personally grateful for my bases, who have been there for me and are themselves a great example of good team member qualities. I feel like they are the reason I was able to ASU on my part of the routine. I've learnt so much from their mere actions that tells so much about their attitude. 

Shabeer who didn't stop at verbally correctly other members' performance, but went the extra mile to  fix their techniques by stunting with them personally. He also taught me to fight for my stunt on a whole other level, thinking of the rest of the team who are out there fighting just as hard, or even harder. Mandi who never stopped encouraging me everytime I was afraid or tired. Syafeeq who silently endured severe pain in his knee (okay I don't encourage this but what I mean is he did not once using it as an excuse), while the rest of us thought he was fine until we found out he had to visit the hospital MY GOD. I've never seen him whine so I really do have a lot to learn from him hahaha. Additionally, his very humble attitude. You never have to repeat yourself when telling him his mistake because his first and only reaction is to listen.

Although I don't get the opportunity to interact as much with other members comparatively, as well as Team Gold, I have great respect for Shanna who had went through so much(possibly all of Team Blue's sufferings put together) but NEVER gave up. I am genuinely amazed at how through the routine I am always seeing her smiling. Then after that she'd tell me how she was actually damn stressed. So happy for her that she managed to ASU all her stunts that required so much of her mental and physical energy!

I'm sure there are many(or all) of you who have great qualities, sorry I can't mention them individually but whatever benefits the team, keep it up :D 

A huge THANK YOU to Oat for specially coming down all the way from Thailand just to help Magnum Force. Creating our wonderful music (patiently changing it for us), as well as his unique dance choreography and important tips to improve the appearance and techniques of our routines. 

The outcome for Team Gold and Team Blue may be disappointing, because Magnum is a team that aims only to be first place. We may never understand, but such is life. There is no point looking back, only forward. How seriously we want to get it back is how feverntly we execute the advice given by the coaches. Every step we take now is to a more efficient and stronger team. The journey ahead is gonna be so tough but let's not be afraid. Now that we've recognised the problems, let's do what it takes.

We are a team, not a bunch of individuals.

And I can't emphasize this enough. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES. Cheer is already such a punishing sport for the body. Do take further steps to look after your own wellbeing so that we can be in optimum state to train. Lastly,

"Permanence, perserverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragement, and impossibilites: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak."
-Thomas Carlyle

JiaYou Magnum Force.
Harder Faster Stronger