Saturday, January 7, 2012


Two weeks straight of almost over 700 jumps and arm motions, this training camp was definitely more intense than the previous one, but despite complaining about all the aches, I'm certain we all enjoyed ourselves and greatly benefitted from it.

Especially since we had World Champion Cheerleaders joining us for camp! From RSU, Head Coach Oat, Asst Coach May, spontaneous Top Flyer(with super locking skills)Bombam, power Midtier Golf, amazing Tumbler Mai and crazy-strong Bases Ratcha, Tang and Ped gave us so much to learn from. It was such an honor to be able to see first-hand rare stunts that we can not do(YET), their standards are truly impressive.

Trying to converse with them using loosely translated sentences (discovering the inaccuracies of Google translate in the process), and quickly getting used to their terms "Chaarper(Sharper)! Fahter(Faster)!", we were able to let them guide us on our techniques. We were very grateful as they did not hesitate to give good corrections and help. It was awesome to watch them carry out advanced stunts, and almost incomprehensible how effortless they made them seem. Ohh and they all seem like really good dancers! They made us love our own dance too!

We also had fun spending time with them outside camp during the Christmas holidays, shopping at Mustafa, visiting VivoCity and gathering huge crowds by stunting in the open streets of Orchard.

Good job to those members who achieved new stunts through the camp, as well as those who didn't, persevere, because at least you survived camp ! Hahaha. I think we could see great improvements in our own techniques since we've worked on our basics. Basics are really important. Let's not rush to get advanced stunts and forget all that we've initially learned when we stepped onto these mats. I personally feel that we still have to work on increasing our body awareness so that we our bodies would be able to carry out stunts more efficiently.

Congratulations to those who made it into the committee. Its probably gonna be a different(and busier) journey, but we're in it together so let's support and help one another. A reminder that we are here not just to lead the team, but to serve it. As for the rest of the team, please be patient with us as we learn to step up to our roles, and esp the the ex-comm, do guide us to be a better committee.

As a team, I'm sure we all want the best for us, so let's work hard individually and simultaneously cohesively with a common goal in mind. Towards nationals (:

Harder, faster, stronger.

And lastly I would just like to say