Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hohoho! Hi magnies! 3rd post from your dear captain! I think I am more efficient than the publicist pls! tsk! HAHA anyway hows the imba PT for the past 2 trainings? still loving it? NO YOU ALL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO LOVE IT! :D Don't hate me kay? Cause I am one of the mastermind for the torturing PT you all are having now. WAHAHAHAH! 

Wells initially it will be tough. In fact very very tough if you put in 100% for all the PTs, but by the time school reopens and freshies come in, this will be so NO KICK to you all and WE can haolian to them what we've got! This won't be a waste! For the sake of the future of Magnum, JIAYOUS!

I bet your body is suffering badly from the past 2 trainings. If you aint, YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY SLACKING! Either that or you are too zai alr. My PT is useless to you.

Tips to recovery:

1) MOST IMPORTANTLY, drinks lots lots of water and have plenty of rest. This beats any supplements you can find.

2) Have a high intake of protein. This might not be just coming from protein powder (In fact I don really like protein powder opppps!), but from normal food like chicken breast meat, red meat, tuna etc which can give you so much protein to recover your aching body. 
Do include all these in your meal, (ESP THE GIRLS!) as bread and butter cant help in recovery of your muscles. Without the necessary nutrient for your body, your muscles wont grow, and all your effort will be wasted!

3) Do stretch all your muscles to relieve the tension of the muscles. If you don't stretch, your muscles will become 'bad and stiff' muscles which is very very bad! Very ugly one, so better stretch!

4) Go read this website. A lot of info in it which is very helpful.

Like I said, you won't grow big from all these PTs. You will just get stronger and toner and sexier! You still have to do it anyway. Why not love them right?!

Those who had missed trainings, do come back yeah! You won't want to be lagging behind and end up the WHOLE TEAM WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU TO IMPROVE.

Actually I still have a lot to write here but since I heard complaints that long posts are BORING! I shall stop here for now! See ya on the mats this coming Monday! hehehe <3

Quote of the day: Do. or do NOT. There is NO TRY!