Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finally! Fun camp is over! Really hope everyone had enjoyed this camp. Excos put in a lot of hardwork in making this happen hor! esp Zhongjie, the mastermind/organiser/helper/logi of this camp. So even if it's not VERY VERY FUN also must say very very fun okay! But I bet all of you confirm had enjoyed it alot right. not possible not fun ma? If not it won't be call a fun camp anymore right! :D
It's gonna be so memorable, esp for Evan, Eugene and Mabel. YOU WILL BE MISSED! ):

Photos will be uploaded by my dear publicist after she has organised all the photos properly, as you all know magnum is known for cam whoring! thousands of photos are to be uploaded on fb, only nice nice one can appear on the blog, so need some time huh. give her some time okay!

Performance training will resume tml, wed 430pm at atrium. Anyway for those interested, our performance for CCA fiesta will be on the 18th, 19th and 20th April at Atrium. Please come down to support us! 

To sum things up, I gonna end this post with our new motto. 
Think of your immediate goal, short term goal and long term goal in Magnum. Think thoroughly, with your heart. Think deep. What  exactly is the thing that you wanna achieve so much? Fantasize about it. Dream of it. Let it be in your head. Simulate it when you are free. After that try it on the mats. Those who haven't try this method out yet, no harm trying. It seriously helps a lot :D

Quote of the day: you are fully capable in deciding your own destiny. the question you face is, which path will you choose? Ask yourself.