Thursday, February 24, 2011

guess all of you are studying very hard for your papers ! JIAYOU K :D

for now , i am going to post up your groupings for your room during the camp.

Level 4

Room 1: Evan Eugene Hafiz Ariff

Room 2: Shabeer Cheng siang Syafiq weng kong

Level 5

Room 3: Careen Jiayi Deborah Brenda Clarinda Cheryl

Room 4: Yulin Hwele Melissa Shiyi Mabel

Level 7

Room 1 & 2: Coaches

Room 3: Zhongjie Fakhrin Gabriel Tom Benedict

Room 4: Siwei Khaifang Cynthia Angelia April

(Cheryl, Yulin and Weng Kong, please contact Fakhrin once you see this.(: )

yeap so you guys can now discuss with each other what to bring and so on...
packing list will be up real soon...
so do check back the blog frequently :D