Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photoshoot on Saturday !

Hello fellow Magnies!! This post is regarding this Saturday's (6 Nov'10) photoshoot.

Please read the following details :

Time : 9.30am sharp
Venue : Marina Barrage entrance. (If you're unable to find the venue, do call any of the committee)

Attire for Seniors : Uniform + Yellow bonding camp shirt , Tights, Cheer shoes, Headgear, white socks , light make-up on (by 9.30am),hair should be tied up and pin up neatly.

Attire for Juniors : Yellow bonding camp shirt , Cheer shoes, white socks, black tights, light make-up on. (by 9.30am) , hair should be tied up and pin up neatly.
For guys, black shorts as well.

Everyone is expected to be ready for the photoshoot by 9.30am.
Please be punctual.Punishment will be held if any of you is late.
If you know you will be late/can't make it for the photoshoot , please message the hotline latest by friday.
Photoshoot will end around 12pm.

If you're unsure of how to get to marina barrage, you can check the link below.
Pls check the timing available for both shutter-bus and bus 400.

If there is any doubts you want to clear, feel free to ask any of our committee :)

See you guys on saturday !
Sleep early on friday so you can look pretty and handsome in the photos !! ^^