Sunday, November 14, 2010


Being so determined to fly, Kiwi spends his whole life fixing trees perpendicularly to the cliff with just nails. Each time he did, even though it wasn’t an easy feat, he persevered and never give up.. For every tree that he nailed, he have to travel to and fro in making sure that the trees are secured and nailed carefully before each rope is released. After spending a whole lot of time on that, Kiwi finally gets an aviator hat and goggles and dive through his masterpiece. He finally is able to fly, but in a different way. Though he knew he won’t make it, he knows that he had given up everything to achieve his dream, which is to fly.

There’s many interpretation to this short animated film.

Kiwi had 1 goal in his mind, which is to fly. Just like all of us, we have goals in life that we all want to achieve, that includes our upcoming competition. There will be many challenges and obstacles that we have to surmount to make it to the end. But as long as everyone persevered and don’t easily gives up like this small kiwi here, everything is possible. Like I always said, there should be no negativity at all. Everything’s in your mindset. Your body is just an empty shell, but your mind is the master controller. Always tell yourself you can do it, and you’ll see yourself being able to accomplished things you never thought you could do. That’s just nature, all the thoughts that we have will always be put into actions. Therefore, always let positive thoughts stream through.

This journey here will never be easy. We will have to go through manifold of struggles, disappointments and defeats for sweeter victory. It doesn’t matter how much or how hard you fall, as long as you are able to stand up again, that’s what makes YOU different. In times of difficulties, we must never lose sight of our goals. After all, goals are like maps, they help us determine where we want to end up, and give us personal direction on which to focus our energy upon.

Everyone have greater potential, it’s how you want to be self-motivated to tap it out. Jiayou Magnies.!

“in achieving that 1 true goal, we have to make the ultimate sacrifice.”

XOXO Fakhrin