Monday, July 12, 2010

YES! Time to post up some nice photos!!!! :D

8 & 9 July, Thursday & Friday

Poly Experience 2010
was held last week! Good job to the ten-men team for the performance on both days, taking into account that you guys only had three short trainings to train for it!
(Catch performance videos on facebook, cuz blogger is damn slow at uploading videos!)

Day 1

Our pretty magnum girls, HAHA!

The old year 3s! (Just kidding!)

The youthful year 2s! HEHE!

Performance team! :)

Our 'professional' spotters. -.-


After performance, some of us went down Alumni to have dinner together! :)

Day 2

With the missing Yvonne as the bottle....... HEHE!

Stunting after performance! :D

Even the super heavy mass flew. -.-
(Plz count the number of hands below vincent's shoe HAHAHA!)

Our all-time best male flyer! ^^

Being retarded, as usual..................


After performance, as usual the troop went Makan Place to have dinner together! After which we proceeded to training, with
Andrew surprising us from his army book out! :D

Our action kids...........-.-

Tom's first and second cupie caught on camera! :D GOOD JOB!!!!

Zhongjie and Tom attempting single liberty!

And the usual spamming!!!! Ok not exactly.

10 July, Saturday

YAY! We finally met up with our two army boys,
Andrew and Fadzli!!!! :D
(For juniors who don't know, they are our alumni!)

Dinner at town together! :)

Movie for the rest of the night owls! :)

This is our Magnum rendition of Despicable Me! HAHA!

That's all for now, till then! ;)