Friday, July 2, 2010

Hey guys!!!! Time for the usual mass update of the recent Magnum happenings, sorry your publicist has been very busy!! Enjoy and leave a tag! :)

19th June 2010: Btoss performance at Scape
Our 3 groups of magnies showcased the various forms of btosses in lieu of the opening of the new building at Scape!!

20th June 2010: Magnum Hawaiian Bondeque 2010
This was our first themed gathering with the juniors!!!! :D A barbeque (or bondeque) was held at the Kismis BBQ Pits and the theme was the very cool HAWAII!!

For the early birds! ^^

Our 3 pairs of finalists for Best Dressed!

Our winners for Best Dressed!!! YULIN & SHABEER!

The forfeits for the 3 pairs of Most Under-Dressed!! Seven Wonders! :D

Our Most Under-Dressed finalists! HAHA!

Magnum Family :)

23rd June 2010: Rachel's Big 18th
Surprise birthday celebration at her house!

24 - 26 June 2010: Magnum Annual Bonding Camp 2010
YAY! It's finally the most anticipated 3D2N camp of the year!!! :D

Presenting to you, the organizing committee for this camp! (Absence of Yvonne)

The first night was started off with the usual bonding games: wacko, double wacko and clingcling!

Then we started separating them into groups! The rest of the night was spent on coming up with group names and cheer, as well as brainstorm for the showdown routine!

The second day was mainly station games, with the washing mats station as the gathering point for all the groups.

Comm & Sub-Comm plus other few helpers stayed back to clear up the sports deck after dirty games!

The second night, on the bus to ECP for night cycling!!! :D

Everyone excited with their bikes! :)

Comm & Sub-Comm with the bright light-sticks! FOLLOW US!!!!

At resting point,

Finally after 2 hours plus, Changi Village for supper! ^^

The third and last day, everyone got knocked out in school.............

After breaking camp, time for some mass photoshoots!!! :D

Year 3s!

Year 2s!

Year 1s!

Team Pikachu; Best Choreography!

Team Tigger; Best Team!

Team Powerpuff Sluts; Best Expression!

Team Chipmunks; Best Cheer!

Team Spiderpigs; Best Spirit!

Now it became an emotional time for the Year 3s.......... YEAR 3S GROUP HUG!!!


And once again, the most important people for the camp...........

Designers for the camp tee-shirt!!! :D YVONNE & GLORIA!

Till then! :)