Thursday, May 6, 2010


Time for the mass update YAY!!!!! It's been another long time since i've did a proper update on our Magnum happenings, sooooooooo here you go! Enjoy and leave a tag!! :)

16th to 18th April: Fun Camp 2010
We had our annual Fun Camp held in school, with a day out to West Coast Park for our stations games. Despite some hiccups here and there, i hope all you magnies enjoyed yourselves with the bonding, wet and dirty games. Especially the last night where we had our lil camp'fire', singing our camp'fire' songs, playing our camp'fire' games, dancing our camp'fire' dance, and doing our Magnum Be Serious. Hope you guys liked the little gift of COKE for all magnies from the committee HEHE. :)

19th to 20th April: CCA Fiesta 2010
Two days of performance, two days of ALL STUNTS UP. Good job Magnum!!!! I hope you all had fun performing for the school, for your fellow schoolmates and all the freshmen. This also marks the last official performance in school for our alumni, Andrew and Fadzli. I'm glad that this CCA Fiesta served as the last good memory for you guys. :)

23rd to 26th April: Indonesia National Cheerleading Championships 2010
Being the Champions for High School Category in the recent Singapore National Cheerleading Competition held at the Expo on 20th March, our main team of 16 went down to Indonesia, Jakarta for yet another competition. Hardwork paid off and Magnum Force emerged as the Champions for the Open Division Category on 25th April!!!! :D

28th April: First Freshies Training
This wednesday training was a lil different from the usual. Why? Because......... FRESHIES ARE HERE!!!! :D A big thank you to all juniors who came down for the training!! Though it was raining and we had to change our training location to a very stuffy sports hall, i hope you all had fun bonding with each other, doing our usual warm up and stretching with us and learning the bear hug and locking chamber. Hope to see you guys at the next subsequent trainings again and again, and don't hesitate to pull your friends along too!!!

2nd May: Magnum Sentosa Outing
It's been quite long since the Magnum Family had a proper FAMILY OUTING, so there we are, going to sentosa and playing all sorts of tosses and stunts in the Siloso waters. Sorry to say that there aren't any proper group photos cos everyone were dirty and wet!! Thank you to Ms Khaira, our advisor, who brought her two kids down and had their fair share of fun with us! :)

Our president, Gloria, trying out her tosses

Vincent doing his thing

(note how far he flys out from the actual basket!!!!)

Our bases Vincent and Eugene yearning to be flyers...............

And falling down in much more interesting ways than how our actual flyers did.........
(From left: Vincent, Fakhrin, Jiawei, Evan)

Even trying out an all-boys pyramid?
We have a top flyer Dominic Hoon consistently pulling both our mid-tiers down!

Time for the girls to show what we are capable of!


Unfortunately our pyramid fell before we managed to capture a proper high v photo. :(

Two 1-1-1 gladiators with a btoss toetouch!

Vincent just can't get enough of flying.

Double teddybear!

Our pretty Maritza :)




We will be having our annual Appreciation Dinner tonight at the Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant at Parkmall opposite Plaza Singapura at 7pm. Please do not be late as our Principal and various staff advisors will be there. Dresscode will be semi-formal (no shorts and slippers). Wear prettily/ handsomely and let's prepare for a photo blast!! See all you magnies there!!!! :D