Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HELLO EVERYONE! :D Good job for training on monday and today, keep working hard and improving ok!!!! Trainings are just gonna get tougher but at the same time you guys will get to learn more exciting stuff so it gonna be fun too!! ^^ Keep that cheer passion there alright!

On a side note, pleaseeee PLEASE go for the gym orientation asap and gym to become stronger and fitter ok!!!! You guys know where your weaknesses are from all the physical trainings, so train hard to become even better. AND THIS APPLIES TO BOTH GUYS AND GIRLS!

Seniors please note that there will be training as usual this coming friday. Juniors are welcomed to come and take a look, we will be at the sports deck at 5.45pm so see you there! ;)

Something really cool to share, take out ten minutes of your time and check this out! I guarantee you won't regret 'wasting' this time! :) This little Kiara can own all of you upside down ok! HAHA!