Monday, April 5, 2010


Your lovely publicist is finally back after a loooong hiatus! First i wanna apologize for the vvv late update since five fateful weeks ago. I've been away for the 3 weeks Nationals Training Camp after which spending another week at Cambodia to do some humanitarian work. Once again A BIG SORRY to all of you!!

Many many updates to everyone, FIRST UP, good job to all magnies for surviving the 3 weeks Nationals Training Camp from the 1st to 20th March!!!! I'm v sure every single one of you enjoyed the experience, even though it was filled with fear, pain, sweat and tears. But isn't that what makes the whole experience worthwhile? Kudos to our junior and senior all-girls team, junior and senior coed team, as well as the main team for working so hard for the Nationals. All your hardwork have indeed paid off. Be it whether you have attained any trophies, it is what we've went through as the Magnum Family that counts!
Congratulations to the MAIN TEAM for clinching our 7th title as the
National High School Champion
as well as the
SENIOR ALL-GIRLS TEAM for attaining All-Girls
!!!! :D

We also had a Sports Camp Showcase on the 21st of March, good job to all the group stunts and main team performance!!!! :D
A very Happy 20th Birthday to Jane too!!!!!!! :)

Happy 19th Birthday to Hweepeng!!
On the 2nd of April we gathered for dinner at Vivo City's Marche, hope everyone had their fair share of fun during the simple meet up! :)

The next upcoming event for Magnum will be the BAOC that will be happening from 6th to 9th April, with our performance on the 6th of April.
For those not in the performance team, you all are still welcomed to lend your support!! The time will reconfirmed again!

I hope everyone have enjoyed reading this v short and quick update. Stay tune for more BAOC updates and photos!!! :)

P.S: I will do something to the main wallpaper!! HEHE