Thursday, April 15, 2010


First up, on behalf of the Magnum Family, lemme wish our coach LUO ZHAO MING a very HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY!!!! :D
On 8th April, though our 'surprise' plan sort of didn't go really smoothly, but we all still managed to enjoy ourselves!! Thank you to all who came down! :)
Now i shall get you guys entertained with the many faces of our coach. ^^

Next up, updates for the upcoming camp, FUN CAMP 2010!!!! :D Excited not?!?! The committee promises ABSOLUTE FUN, NOTHING but FUN. WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
It will be held on this coming Friday night to Sunday morning, 16th to 18th April.
Please report 7pm SHARP at the SPORTS DECK in TRAINING GEAR but you can wear slippers!! :)
The following will be the packing list, just in case any of you lost the hardcopy. Remember to bring the indemity form too! See you guys there!!!!!!!!!! :D

Fun Camp 2010 Packing List:
1. Teeshirts (bring dark coloured clothes)
2. Shorts
3. Tights
4. Pyjamas
5. Undergarments
6. Bathing Towel
7. Toiletries
8. Jacket
9. Plastic bags (for dirty clothes)
10. Torchlight (your own loss if you don't bring!)
11. Slippers
12. Shoes
13. Socks
14. Personal Medication
15. Phone, Ipod, Laptop, Camera (bring at own risk)
16. Cup