Thursday, January 14, 2010

This has been quite a long week.

Last week we had our school Open House 2010, good job to seniors' performance on all three days!! :D

For the past tuesday and wednesday, we were also greeted by Team Braves from Japan! Thank you to Team Braves for coming down to Magnum's training ground to share with us everything about cheer. I am very sure all of you magnies have enjoyed yourselves and learnt something from this two days 'workshop', as well as fostering some bond with our guests! :) I hope that it is an eye opener to you guys as we experience Team Braves' training, like the warm-up/ stretching, and seeing them perform their stunts or gymnastics. Do remember what has been taught and once again, Magnum had a great time with Braves and hopefully we will see them again!! ^^

Magnum's little token of appreciation to Braves! :)

Just look at how excited our girls were in getting the very limited badges by Braves!
(Note how the comm, being the comm, stands by the side and lets the team get the badges :( )

And the guys were even crazier....

Please note that there will be no training tomorrow due to the three continuous days of trainings we had earlier this week. Rest well, gym if you have the time and watch your diet! See you guys 5.45pm on the mats on monday!! :D

To credit: Thank you zhaoming (as requested) for organising this exchange programme and everything you've done to make this work!!
And thank you evan for providing the original photos!! :)