Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is gonna be a long post so please bear with me for a while hehe.

Yay! This second training camp marks the end of year 2009 and the start of another new year. I am very sure that ALL of you have enjoyed this camp and learnt something out of it. The four days and three nights have been a really fulfilling one! It was really happening, please remember the techniques you have learnt and seen from the workshop and throughout the training camp. Both the juniors and seniors have achieved and learnt alot, and i really hope that you guys will keep up the good work and keep improving (To the juniors, keep impressing the coaches and seniors!!). We would also like to welcome Careen and Rachel into the junior team! Press on and stay strong magnum! :)

On a lighter note, tomorrow is new year's eve and we will have our very own
Details are as follow:
Date: 31 December 2009
Time: 12 noon
Venue: Marina Barrage
Theme: Rainbow/ Colours (vibrant and bright, no black or white!)
Activities: There will be some games planned out by our very own committee, and an exchanging of gifts (with a minimum value of ten bucks, make sure it's uni-sex!) too!! This is a rare chance for the magnum family to bond outside the mats so please do come down and hope to you there! :)

Thirdly, we are so sorry for the miscommunication but the gathering on Saturday, 2 January, is only for the founding batch of people in 88/89. We will try our best to organise a large gathering for ALL magnies though, after Cheerobics. Stay tune! :)

Forthly, the magnum noticeboard in school (beside the ground level gym) has been re-furnished. Do go check it out!! ^^

Lastly, training resumes next week when school reopens, on Monday, 4th January.
As usual, report 5.45pm sharp at the sports deck in your training gear. Please take care of yourself!

That's all for now, tata!
Rest well magnies!
You all deserve to.
Love, Hwele