Wednesday, July 15, 2009

yay! we are drawing nearer and nearer and nearer and nearer to our ANNUAL BONDING CAMP!
in case you didnt make it down to training today, or have sstm (severe short term memory), like me, heh, here are the details!!

meeting venue: outside clubhouse
meeting time: 1830 hrs (6.30pm, in case youre retarded enough to not know how to read the 24-hour clock)
meeting attire: training gear
meeting date: 17 July 2009

we will break camp on 19th july 2009, bout 2-3pm.
hmm hope i didnt miss out anything.if you have any questions, can always call any of the committee members to ask!yeah

and now for the packing list..

a cup/mug, that can withstand hot water.
4 sets of clothes, preferably dark clothes and training gear. judge the quantity for yourselves.
bathing towel, unless you want to stand in the sun and wait till you dry.
toiletries, unless you want to be entitled the dirtiest and most disgusting cheerleader.
sleeping bag, a must!
wind breaker/jacket, to keep yourself warm (duh).
plastic bags, for your dirty clothes (eee yuck).
shoes, to be reported in.
personal medication, important!
rafia string, to hang your clothes?
mobile phone, mp3 and laptop is to be brought at your own risk!

*Please note that you should not bring too much cash with you for the camp. If there’s a need, please hand over your valuables to the instructors/ teacher-in-charge for safety purposes. In case of any thefts or losses, the school will not be accountable for it. Thanks. *

yay!i hope we will all have a great time at camp and of course, what you all love to do, CAM WHORE! yes il bring a bigger memory card blah blah blah.haha.
you dont have to worry when you have an efficient publicist ;)
see you all!!
cheers and love,