Wednesday, December 24, 2008

just for laughs

if you missed out on the hilarious happenings in room 0401,
you MUST check it out!
its evan the ech himbo in the rubbish collection centre!

what happened?!
well, all you have to do is just ask around!
we have witnesses :D

uhh..okay sue, we dont wanna know :D

hmm..funny huh.


jay in his muay thai boxers and fiona stole his shirt.heh.

oh wait!andrew has the muay thai 'tank top' they-call-it.

UHH *coughs coughs*
jane "eh eh no fraternizing ah!"

jay is hungry, fadzli is stoning, yvonne..i dont know!

ahem ahem

boy oh boy!fadzli, you need to visit the dentist!

oh quick!call 995!

alrights.thats all folks!,for today.
the blog is to be updated again!