Thursday, October 2, 2008


Hello bello people!
Your very first post from your new PUBLICIST!!(*cheers)
Okay sorry for not posting for almost a week.

AGM 2008 was held on 27th sept, where the new committee was announced!*cheers* A BIG THANK YOU to the previous committee of 07/08 for bringing MAGNUM this far. Yes, and even after graduating, you all ( seniors! ) are always welcomed back!! Well done, we are proud of you!

As for those who missed AGM (tsk tsk tsk!!), here's the new committee of 08/09!*drumrolls*

ESTHER as our president!
DENISE as our vice-president!
BENEDICT as our captain!
MICHEAL as our vice-captain!
JANE as our secretary/treasurer!
FIONA as our publicist! and lastly,
FADZLI as our welfare!!
*cheers cheers*

And tmr *deng deng deng deng!!!* The results for try outs willl be out! We will all get to know who's in and who's not! Heh, for nationals. Yeah! Good luck to all, I believe you all have tried your best. Whether you get into nationals or not, you will still and always be a part of magnum(:
So see you guys tmr!