Monday, September 1, 2008

In the papers !

Look who turned up on the papers on Sunday.Weet ! Weet ! Well, if you tot cheerleading was just all fun and games you're wrong. We cheerleaders do take our training seriously, its a sport. To some of us, its more than a sport. You gotta look the part to do the sport. Behind all that crazy over the top enthusiastic smiles, are several hours of focus training and keeping fit to keep up with our trainings.

In the topic of sports, NUM came up with their version of their ever popular tank top (yesh, the one with the slingy thingy), cheerleader style. Well, i think its only for girls, cause the design looks customise to be a tank "dress". Well, kudos to NUM for including cheerleading into their collection of sporty tank tops. Its about time, Mr Shenzi. The cheerleading community is the spirit behind every sport, i think most of us have cheered for even sports like swimming at the GAMES (even thou they can't hear us). Love the dress, but please do one for the guys. We are proud of our sport too !!!

Please do a blue gold and white one. MagNUM will wear it anytime !!!