Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore!
Gone the times we all got together to listen to:
"1 people, 1 nation, 1 Singapore!
S-I-N-G-A-P-O-R-E GO! ..."
And so, comes to the end of our weekly performance that we so do look forward to!
At the end, Magnum adores attention.
And what better way to satisfy us by taking photos!

Sometimes people too kiasu, cannot wait.

Alright, And now the group photo!
And for the informal shot!

Magnum definitely when to have fun, and when to get serious.
We are definitely all rounders as well.
We can cheer, dance, stunt and sing!

Junior Mag-chior singing themselves hoarse.
Everyone ran away!
Better luck next time :)

Right now it's time to hit the books and burn your midnight oil if necessary.
Magnies! Good luck in your exams and score yeah!
We will see you back in training on the 25th of August.