Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cheerleader Of the Month!

Yes we may be a li'll off track (or date), but better late than never!
Cheerleader Of the Month - Time where a cheerleader is appreciated by his/her team.

And for the Month of May, we have ...

Fadzli! (holding on to his award!)

(contributed by JJay)

Congratulations Fadzli! And here to present him the most awesome award ...

We have Lenny! Magnum's Coach

Our trainings are definitely not a bed of roses that everyone can just breeze through (unless you're called Jen or Andra), but nevertheless, when you do your very best, people applaud you for that.

So Magnies, keep up the great work! The best award that you can receive is knowing that you have gone through training knowing you have grew stronger, and that you have learned something. :)